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Commercial/Residential Tinting

Get Your Building Tinted By The Pros

For over 5 years, Premium Tint and Auto Worx has been providing exceptional residential and commercial building window tinting solutions to greater Pittsburg California area.

The process is simple, we will get your job specifications, come out to your location to secure all the measurements, get you a quote and then our team of highly trained tint technicians will complete your install. 

Some Of Our Work


What window tinting film do businesses usually get? 

  • Most businesses are looking for heat rejection films without cutting back on natural lighting. For this we recommend our reflective Silver 20 Mirror series. It has the greatest allowance of light while rejecting up to 67% of solar energy.

  • Some businesses want privacy and heat rejection. For this we offer our dual reflective Truevue 5 Series. It allows maximum privacy and up to 65% of solar energy rejection.

What window tinting film do homeowners usually get? 

  • For residentials this is a difficult question to answer because most home owners don't know what they want in specific so we like to set up a free consultation so we can discuss the best options with them and guide them through the process.

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If you would like to have a residential or commercial tint project done. Then please fill out this form below so a member of our team can give you an accurate estimate for your project to be completed!

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